1.11.2007 | World record in longest distance

After a heated discussion on the longest drives for crossgolfers and normal golfers we assembled this list for you:

  1. Michael Hoke Austin 470m
  2. John Daly 378m
  3. Sean Fister 371m
  4. Tiger Woods 275m

(Source: BBC Sportacademy)

To compare: An average amateur has a maximum drive of: 182m.

As an Urbangolfer this kinf of distances are rather uninteresting as the grounds we play on are most often not that big....and more importantly this kind of long hits lead to long searches for your ball...But even though 80% of the golfing and also of crossgolfin is dominated by close-combat (short game), nobody can deney the fun of taking a nice swing with the driver....

Never forget to swing through