19.10.2007 | Hook und Slice, Pull and Push. Brief description for Crossgolfers

When you hit the Ball it flys to the left after taking off straight? Your ball takes a right turn after the second tree on the left?
Whatever it may be as long as it doesn't fly straight when you want it to, there's something not ok - So in order to correct this check out this mini-tutorial: (Obviously this is not only for people who play crossgolf or urbangolf.....)

Ball flying to the left:

  • Pull: Actually your ball flys straight, but unfortunatelly not direction hole. Little corrections to your stance may already help to correct you swing. Simply put a club on the ground, make it aim direction target and align your stance accordingly.
  • Hook: Even though your ball took off straight, during the flight it has a ugly curve to the left. Need help? This is not really easy. Most probably there's something wrong with your grip. For exemple, try to loosen it a bit.
  • Pull-Hook: You hit to the left and have a nice curve - congratulations that's the combination of Pull and Hook.
  • Draw: You are a notorious "Hook"er, but you are clever enough to align your stance to it? With a straight going ball you would be landing right of the target, but due to your alignment you still arrive where you want. That's called a Draw.

Ball flying to the right:

  • Push: This is the corespondant move the pull. Your ball flys straight but to far to the right. In this case also a better alignment - with the help of an auxiliary club can do it.
  • Slice: This is actually the most common error :) Beeing the pendant to the Hook the ball makes a nice right-curve after taking off straight.
  • Push-Slice: Push + Slic = Push-Slice. That was easy no?
  • Fade: A fade is a draw when you have are a "Slicer"

If you need more help there's a bunch of websites out there with Tutorials and help - just search for Pull, Hook, Slice or Push...

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