21.09.2007 | Mercedes Championships 2007 Report




Adriano visiting the Mercedes Championships in Puhlheim close to Cologne.

Here are some impressions of a tournament that is always worth a visist. Especially when the weather is nice and sunny.

These Ladies were a bit surprised - just parked their car close to some crossgolfers for a couple of minutes...

Nice club house.


but not even close to ours' ;-)

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tee 1, showing Bernhard Langer (and a beautiful 300 SL Roadster), having had the chance to win this tournament again. 
But he failed. Rank 27 in the end.




Langer again. Backswing at tee 2.


Niclas Fasth. Playing with Langer and Phil Archer in one flight. Archer reached second place, shared with Alastair Forsyth, Scotland.

You can even see the golf ball on the photo beneath!


Winner Sören Hansen putting on the 16th green. He won 320.000 Euro plus new Mercedes C-Class Estate. 
(I would have  preferred the 300 SL from Tee 1)



'Hansen flight' again. please see the scoreboard. and be quiet....



As I said. worth a visit. Maybe next year to see the Pros again. But then always returning to crossgolf. Much more individual!!!

Virtual greetings to Martin, Johanna und Basti!


Swing it!